Gateway to Legal Interpreting


Below are a list of pre-readings to be completed prior to the start of the weekend on 1/26/18.

Wisconsin Court System – Code of Ethics for Interpreters

Linguistics and the Law by Colleen Brennan

Women’s Language or Powerless Language by O’Barr and Atkins

Deaf Persons:  Culture, Communication and the Courts by John Ricardson

Characteristics and Functions of Legal Language by Charrow, Crandall and Charrow

Please note that this last article is tricky to read as we are unable to adjust the orientation.  I recommend printing this one.

Resources From Class

PowerPoint Handout Version

Power vs Powerless Language Handout

WI Court System Overview and Flow Charts

Additional Readings

Optional reading for enrichment and greater learning opportunity, but not required.

2007 RID JOI:  The Bill of Rights, Due Process and the Deaf Suspect/Defendant by Andrews, Vernon and LaVigne

Legal Interpreting:  Unraveling the Mysteries of Courtroom Protocol & other Quagmires by Gay Belliveau

The Role of Message Analysis in Interpretation by William Isham

Creating Teamwork & Identifying Sources of Conflict

New Interpreter Code of Ethics- Improving Court Access by Hon. Elsea Lamelas

Continued Study

Vocabulary Session 1


Thank you to our community partner for providing our training location.