What people are saying about working with PIE

“I just wanted to comment on your interpreters.  One was a deaf interpreter and the other hearing.  They were absolutely amazing!!! They were both kind, friendly, and worked wonderfully with my client.  He was able to tell us his concerns, what he was happy about, questions he still had about home ownership etc.”


“I just wanted to drop you a note and say what a great job Jon Thomm did for WCTC on Wednesday, He was a pleasure to have out here, very professional and matched the consumer to a T, it was very easy to get caught up in the performance (as one who was pulled to the stage) Jon’s timing was fantastic.  I just wanted to share, Jon did PIE proud!” – Sarah Malewicki, Services for Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Waukesha County Technical College

“Thank you for making the interpreting happen. My daughter had never seen the need for a Deaf interpreter for herself, but your staff made her a believer! One of the first things she told me last night was that the Deaf Interpreter “made things really clear so I understood!”
– DK, Mother of client

“I would like to take a quick moment to give you some of my observations.  I have been 100% freelance since 1999, so I have worked with all kinds.  I don’t often work with PIE, but when I do, the experience is pleasant and professional. Not a single ‘hiccup’.  Krista was exceptionally responsive for a job I accepted rather last minute on September 10.  Seeing that I had not worked a PIE job in a long time and that this assignment was accepted with such short notice, Krista did not make me feel like a ‘bother’ to her when I asked a bunch of questions. She went above and beyond – and beyond some more.  Again, I work with so many different people all the time, and I know a ‘good one’ when I come across it. Krista is a Good One.”
–Sonja Newton, Interpreter

“I appreciate that PIE cares about the deaf community, so they could better serve the needs of customers with interpreting services. Also, PIE recognizes the value of collaboration with deaf community so they would know their current issues and events for better advocacy to meet the interpreting service needs.”

DH, Deaf client

“I use PIE interpreters over 15 years and love most of the interpreters!!! I have noticed that PIE have been growing and we have more interpreters. That shows how great their services are! PIE rock!!!”

Suzanne Roberts, Deaf client

“The level of professionalism and collaboration coupled with the skill of the interpreters and CART providers was fantastic and made for an inclusive experience for our staff.”

State Employee

“For many years Professional Interpreting Enterprise (PIE) has been providing Aurora Health Care highly qualified, professional interpreters.  The coordinators are courteous, knowledgeable, and communicate availability in a timely fashion, often accommodating same day coverage and after hour needs for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients.  PIE is highly recommended and Aurora Health Care will continue to utilize their service to fill our patient needs.”

Chris Bruce, American Sign Language (ASL) Supervisor, Interpreter Services