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PIE respects the right of each individual to communicate in the manner which he or she feels most comfortable and successful, in whatever venue should require communication facilitation, and without concern that the quality of services will compromise one’s ability to participate to the extent desired. PIE has built a solid reputation by consistently providing quality, professional, ethical and innovative services. Our team is comprised of Deaf and hearing professionals who possess strong technical skills delivered with a friendly and collaborative approach. Areas of specialty include, but are not limited to, Deaf interpreters, legal interpreters, qualified mental health interpreters and speech-to-text service providers.

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Speech to Text

Communication access provided to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing through the processing of spoken English (Speech) into written English (Text).  Captionists listen to the spoken word and provide a text transcription.  Speech-to-Text captioning services are provided real-time either remotely or onsite.

Video Remote Interpreting

In some situations interpreters are unable to be on-site due to a variety of factors. There are technology options that can be utilized to get you connected to interpreting services. Getting connected requires an internet connection and a camera, which can be used with a variety of applications.

On-Site Interpreting

Our primary service provision is face-to-face and on location interpreting.

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