Teaming in the Courtroom and Deaf/Hearing Teams In Legal Settings


RID Deaf-Hearing Team Article

CDI Rating Scales

DHCC Rationale for Use of Deaf Hearing Team

The Role of Deaf Interpreters Article

Let’s Go Team Feature

Handouts (will be printed)

PowerPoint Notes

Examples of Rationales

Courtroom Set-Up

Personality Types

Notes on Team Interpreting-Risa Shaw

Additional Resources

DSC Summary – This will give some basic understanding for use as a tool during team discussion

The Benefits of Deaf Interpreters Video

A Handbook for Court Interpreters Working in Teams

Gatekeeping within the Interpreting Profession

Deaf/hearing TEAM Interpretation Articles

Session 2 Readings

CDI Standard Practice Paper

Fact Sheet Deaf Interpreters

Continued Study

Vocabulary 3


Homework-Deaf Interpreter Rationale Examples

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